Research report reveals How Saw Palmetto Reverses Enlarged Prostate.

Imagine waking up in the morning and having a desperate need to urinate but as hard as you try, you can’t get it to come out. That has to be a painful and scary situation. It is really hard to urinate with an enlarged prostate.

And when you do you end up having to go 4 or 5 times a night as the flow is so slow and frustrating! I know if you have had this problem you can relate. Am I right! This is why many men are asking how to reverse an enlarged prostate.

 First a little bit about my own healing – My name is Mr. Victor and in 2014 I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate. I had no idea if reversing enlarged prostate was even possible. In early July of that year my urine was a little slow in the mornings.
This concerned me so i went to see my doctor who performed a few tests including a PSA (Prostate specific antigen) blood test.  My result was a 6.7 A little on the high side. My doctor then arranged a scan which showed my prostate was enlarged…
i became restless and completely heartbroken. As a result I found myself marching off to a urologist, having a biopsy and awaiting the result. Being diagnosed with enlarged prostate can be very frustrating.
Fifty percent of men in the world over 50 years of age have had or will have a prostate issue in their lives. And that number is increasing as our junk food lifestyle increases.

If you’re a man in your fifties, sixties or seventies then there’s a better than even chance that you will be suffering from an enlarged prostate gland and will be experiencing a range of common symptoms including:

  • A weak stream of urine
  • Leaking of urine
  • Blood in the urine
  • Facing difficulty in starting urination
  • Dribbling of urine when urinating
  • Frequent urination and sometimes sudden desire to urinate especially in the night
  • Feeling of not fully emptying the bladder
  • You may experience more serious symptoms such as urination obstruction, nausea, back pain, presence of blood in the urine, and fever.

But Should You Be Worried About Your Enlarged Prostate?

Having an enlarged prostate is not only painful… It can be embarrassing as well. To make matters worse, the condition can lead to life-threatening complications. Swollen prostate can lead to further complication if you don’t treat it. It causes blockage by clogging your kidneys with urine.

In such cases, acute urinary retention can happen. It may even develop into chronic kidney disease, kidney damage or infection, bladder damage, and bladder stones. Unfortunately, because most men will suffer from an enlarged prostate, particularly in their sixties and seventies, many men don’t worry when the symptoms appear and certainly wouldn’t take it seriously until it become life threatening. This is a mistake….

What Causes an Enlarged Prostate?

Ask a doctor and he will tell you it just happens in men over 50. No reason just men ageing. Personally I don’t believe that. I believe it’s something that has to do with our diet and lifestyle If you are eating lots of processed junk food, drinking alcohol heavily and smoking for example your health will suffer big time. That is common sense. What caused my prostate issues? Please read on.

What Caused My Enlarged Prostate?

In 2009 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. The doctor that attended to me said my blood pressure was rising, it wasn’t too bad but before it gets too high lets put you on BP tablets. Now remember my blood pressure wasn’t bad, but it was going to get bad if I didn’t go on taking the drugs. So like a victim I started taking the drugs religiously every day. N15,000 a month for 5years or so years. All money going into the coffers of drugs and doctors.

When I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate my wife told me to stop taking the BP drugs. I told her I was scared as I could die. (I was so naive!) She laughed at me and told me my blood pressure was fine and I was healthier than most 50 year old’s. So I stopped taking them. I didn’t die and I didn’t feel bad. I felt great. To cut the long story short I have no doubt that putting blood pressure medication into my body for 5 odd years in no small way contributed to my enlarged prostate.

The thought of Going For Surgery

As my condition worsened, I started researching into treatments like TURP which is a surgical procedure for fixing enlarged prostate. In my findings, I discovered that in the past, the only option for people with Enlarged Prostate was surgery called Trans Urethral Prostate Resection (TURP), this procedure involves “shaving” or removing small pieces of the enlarged prostate that block the flow of urine.

TURP usually relieves the uncomfortable symptoms of enlarged prostate but with some few problems.

First, the prostate may enlarge again, requiring another operation. This is true for one in four men who may have to undergo a second TURP procedure in three years. Secondly, surgery does not prolong life. Study suggests that it actually reduces a person’s lifespan by a year. In some cases, TURP can cause impotence or complete inability to control urination.

The most common side effect, however, is retrograde ejaculation, that is, the ejaculated semen enters the bladder instead of shooting out of the penis. This may impair a man’s fertility. When I saw the numerous side effects and complications associated with this procedure, I realize this was not an option for me. I needed something safe and effective. I wasn’t going to sacrifice my potency for a treatment that wasn’t guaranteed to last.

The Turning Point For Me…

By February 2015, my condition had become unbearable to the extent that I sometimes can’t urinate at all.. In fact it became so bad that in many occasions, I was rushed to the hospital where the doctor inserted a catheter into my bladder with which I urinate. Urinating with the aid of catheter was very embarrassing for me.

In March while I was away for a few days, my wife attended a seminar organized by a group of health experts.. only that they’re not the mainstream medical practitioner’s but holistic health instructors. They are known for advocating for natural approach to treating various health challenges.

When I returned she told me she’s found a safe solution to my problem. I was curious to know what she meant. After listening to her, I was convinced and I decided to put a call across to one of the holistic health experts whose phone number she had collected during the seminar.

After speaking with the guy, I was convinced I could fix my enlarged prostate. He recommended I get one of their natural product pack for prostate health and be on the therapy for the next 90 days. He also put me on a particular dietary protocol for 90 days that included fruits and vegetables, nuts and lots of broccoli.

He also encouraged cutting down on meat and dairy. I embraced the natural solution plus his protocol and before the 40 days were up I was urinating like a fire hose! Haha! My prostate had returned to normal size and I was no longer struggling to urinate. I got rid of the catheter. It was truly amazing.

Reversing Enlarged Prostate Naturally

Has my enlarged prostate reversed? Yes it has. My PSA remains at 2 or lower and it has been like that ever since without any recurrence. I know my body now better than any doctor and I know my body is pure and clean. I knew there was something wrong before I was diagnosed.

Today i know my prostate is perfectly healthy and I continue to lead a good healthy lifestyle. Reversing enlarged prostate naturally was my focus. Now I am more fit and healthy.  Fixing my enlarged prostate naturally was not difficult for me.

My treatment breakthrough came from using some refined natural remedies as recommended by a holistic health advocate. I will talk about this natural solution shortly as we go on. European and Asian doctors have traditionally been using natural holistic approach to cure Prostate Enlargement, with resounding success and with no side effects.

Prostate patients respond so well to these natural solution that over 90% of American doctors prescribe them, rather than prescription drugs. The American Botanical Council registers various natural herbal or plant extracts as a treatment for Prostate Enlargement and these ingredients and many others are now made available as Prostate remedies and numerous clinical trials reinforce their effectiveness. One of such is ProHealth Pack.

ProHealth Pack has a unique formula which contains over 35 years of research into natural Prostate disorder treatments. It’s formulation of 25 key active ingredients, has made Forever ProHealth Pack the most comprehensive and successful Prostate solution ever developed; Giving better, lasting and faster results for more men than any other treatment just like it did for me.


Not All Natural Prostate Remedies Are Created Equal! Be careful, there are a lot of bogus products on the market. There are none that I am aware of that work like this one, that have been researched and scientifically proven to effectively correct enlarged prostate…. With ProHealth Pack, you obtain your goals with ease – in no time.

You CAN stop wondering what to do about your enlarged prostate, once and for all… “You never ever have to go back to being unhappy with your aging appearance or feeling less than anybody else ever again”


Let me give you a sample of what you will get with this incredible solution… Your enlarged prostate or your prostate gland will be corrected and restored to its original healthy state.

 You will never have to wake up frequently at night to urinate again; which means you will enjoy a peaceful sleep always.

The difficulty you experience when urinating will finally stop.

You will be able to fully empty your bladder at a go and the dribbling will finally stop.  

If you’re already experiencing blood in urine or you’ve developed a urinary tract infection due to poor treatment of the enlarged prostate, this ProHealth Pack will also help you treat these conditions successfully.

Your sex life and vitality will be restored and come back to life. Most importantly, you’ll become healthy once again and thus prolong your life.

And Many More …

So even if you’ve tried other treatments in the past with little or no result, ProHealth Pack could be the answer, as it works very successfully for 99% of men, myself included. Containing 25 natural phytoceutical extracts, proven to reverse and cure Prostate Enlargement and other prostate symptoms. ProHealth Pack is the most comprehensive Prostate and general men’s product on the market.

ProHealth Pack contains the latest clinically trialed ingredients such as Stabilized Aloe Vera from Texas and Dominica Republic, Bee hive, standardized Saw Palmetto, Berry extract, Lycopene and Zinc, to name but a few.

ProHealth Pack has no known side effects. It’s a complete, easy to use Program for correcting enlarged prostate. The system includes 2 specially formulated components that works in harmony with your body to achieve rapid results.

See images below:

The ProHealth Pack


VITALIZE Men’s Vitality Supplement

Although the exact age may vary, prostate health eventually becomes an important issue for all men. Vitlize™ Men’s Vitality Supplement contains all of the power of Forever Pr6®, but now also includes more nutrients, more bioavailable nutrient forms and more powerful botanicals.

Vitlize™, combined with a healthy diet and exercise, offers a natural solution to support prostate health. This unique, comprehensive formulation supplies a highly effective blend of potent herbs, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help maintain normal urinary flow, promote healthy testicular function, and encourage optimal prostate health.

Proprietary Botanical Blend Vitlize™ is formulated with a proprietary blend of botanicals including saw palmetto, pygeum and pumpkin seed. Each of these botanicals has been used for centuries to support prostate health. Exclusive Nutrient Blend Vitlize™ also includes a blend of nutrients specifically designed and balanced to support men’s health and promote healthy prostate function. Vitamins C, D, E, and B6 are all essential for a healthy prostate.

These vitamins have been combined with the minerals selenium and zinc, which have been found to play a critical role in prostate health. Quercetin and lycopene have also been added in levels that are properly balanced with these critical nutrients to provide complete prostate support.

New & Improved In addition to vitamin E, selenium and lycopene from the original Forever Pr6®, Vitamin C, D and B6 have been added in combination with zinc and quercetin. Vitamins C, D, and B6 are all essential for prostate health and are required for the production of hormones.

  • Proprietary botanical blend including saw palmetto, pygeum and pumpkin seed
  • Proper nutrient balance for complete prostate support
  • Provides polyphenols equivalent to eating an entire pomegranate fruit


– 90.7% pure inner leaf aloe vera gel
– No added preservatives
– Supports healthy digestion
– Promotes a healthy immune system
– Cranberries support urinary health
– Helps maintain natural energy levels

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar® contains 90.7% stabilized, inner leaf aloe vera gel paired with natural fruit juice concentrates for sustaining your immune system and maintaining natural energy levels. Aloe vera has natural cleansing abilities that help the digestive tract absorb nutrients from the foods we eat into the blood stream, while promoting friendly bacteria growth.

The unique polysaccharide, acemannan, and other nutrients in aloe help to support the immune system. A burst of cranberries and sweet apples provide a naturally derived, tangy flavor. Superfood cranberry packs antioxidant power shown to be 20 times higher than that of vitamin C and has proanthocyanidins that provide urinary health support in addition to vitamin C. Apple’s special phytonutrient, quercetin, is another powerful antioxidant that helps to make Forever Aloe Berry Nectar® a healthy and delicious drink.

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar® is aseptically processed allowing the formula to remain free of added preservatives and packaged in Tetra Pak packaging made with 100% recyclable materials to ensure that you are able to enjoy the fresh taste of undiluted aloe vera gel with all of the potent properties of aloe just as nature intended.

What you are looking at is the exact same natural remedy I used to correct my enlarged prostate that has given me my life and health back… But you don’t have to take my word for it…read some of the numerous testimonials of people who have shared their success stories with me

Mr Adesola (55yrs Old)

After using your prostate program for exactly two months; I went Back to see my doctor to check for my PSA. Result confirmed it that my PSA had gone from 8 to 1.7. I was so happy when I saw this.. Thanks so much sir. I will definitely recommend others to you.

Mr Celestine

Mr Victor, After one month of usage of the Prostate Shrinking Kit. I went back to my doctor to check for the progress so far.. Result confirm it that My PSA had gone from 5 to 2.5… I am so happy with the development…. Now I am fine.. But I still want Two more kit to complete my Program.. Thanks.

Chief Ogunjobi

Hello Mr Ayo, Trust you are doing good; I want to inform you that I am true with my one month pack. And I got massive improvement compared to the way I used to feel one month back… Thanks so much. Please how do I maintain my healthy living Sir?

Mr Sikiru

Mr Ayodele, How is the family doing sir. I just want to say thank you for your products… What amazed me the most was the fact I got relieved after 3 days of using them. I don’t feel those pains that use to feel whenever I want to Urinate. I am perfectly alright. As promised earlier, I will refer a lot of people to you.

Okay, I’m interested…  

But how much will it cost to get this amazing remedy delivered to my doorstep…

Before I tell you how much, Let’s face it. We both know surgery is not an option, considering the exorbitant amount it cost, not to mention the risk involved, some of which I mentioned earlier. Also considering the fact that this effective solution is completely natural with no side effects…

NOTE: These products are manufactured in Arizona U.S.A and has been certified by several international bodies including our own NAFDAC.


How much does it cost to get it sent to my

House Address in Nigeria?

Half Pack for (1 Months) = N38,500

Full Pack (for 2 Months) = N68,500

No need to be afraid if this is real or not because…

You only pay when the product has been brought to you face to face by our courier company within 24 – 48 hours after placing your order.

And secondly, we do not charge you any extra fee for delivery (shipment), we bring it down to your doorsteps anywhere you live in Nigeria at no extra cost  

Follow The Instructions Below To Place Your Order:

The Pack will be delivered to your choice address and you will pay our courier servicemen upon delivery. We can Deliver to Your OFFICE or HOUSE Address.  

Fill this form to place your order now

Our agent will call you within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you. Do please respond to our SMS as soon as you receive it.

Knowledge is power, so well done for reading up to this point. The most important step however begins now because information is only of value if you act on it. I look forward to hearing your Prostate Pack success story. Start fortifying your prostate gland and it will reward you sound health.  


Mr Adeyemi

Call, Text, Whatsapp Our Customer Service On: +2348032251559

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